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1979 - 2010:
31 Years On The Cutting Edge Of Marketing Technology

Baran and Associates began operations in Bloomington, Indiana in 1979 and in Helena, Montana since 1984

It has operated continuously as Baran Productions, Bob Baran Productions and most recently Bob Baran and Associates.

Offering a broad spectrum of services essential to designing, creating and maintaining rich media marketing infrastructures.

With a substantial "web presence" (just google his name) Bob Baran, utilizes a combination of nationally recognized award winning in-house audio, video and web design facilities as well as a strategic partnerships with in an expanding network of highly skilled professionals who bring their expertise "to the table" - assuring our clients always receive the cutting edge in 21st century marketing technology...

To Achieve A Simple Goal:

Help our Client's make money - and build their businesses the right way - for the long-term.

Even Bob's unique gift as a composer and performer is recognized...

A gifted composer and musician, his last solo piano album "Escape Music® - A New Dawn" went to the Grammy ballot in four categories in 2006 and hit #10 on the Billboard Magazine New Age Catalog Chart in August 2009.

"Patented" creative process

The U.S.P.T.O. granted him a Federal Trademark (Escape Music®) for his "...unique style of music"... Making Bob Baran, very possibly the only artist to achieve this level of recognition for his original creative process.

Hundreds of clients through the years

His clients have ranged from The Kroger Company to NPR's Weekend Edition - as well as many large and small local and regional businesses - all benefiting directly from his unique multi-media experience.

His numerous Addy Awards landed him a spot in The National Association of Broadcasters: List of Recommended Creative Resources during the early 1990's positioning him as one of the top 50 radio producers in the United States.

Embracing High Definition Video production capabilities in 2005 and direct experience in every aspect of internet marketing beginning in 2003, Bob Baran's vast experience and nationally recognized expertise in many mediums has made him one of the most innovative pioneers in the new frontier of rich media marketing.

Here are a few of the many web sites featuring the personal musical, visual and philosophical artistry of Bob Baran: